1.Here we have many different vedios.Including CREE led headlight super brightness performance on road, motorcycle led headlight working on the road.Auto led headlight test in water, auto led headlight light pattern adjust. Super bright led headlight producing, Super bright led headlight SMT,led chip test. You can check the vedio know our workshop,production line,sales team,R&D department. How to replace halogen bulbs, replace LED headlight. And also know why people like use LED headlight.1. Light source test. To check whether the lamp bead works normally. This test is for each led chip. To keep 100% led chip work well.
2. Driver test. To check whether the light driver is up to the design requerement and works normally. Driver is very important to keep the lamp stable and safe. So need 100% careful checking.
3.Illumination test. To use integrating sphere analyzer to check whether the light source is up to the design standard. Keep the brightness can meet customers requirements.
4.High temperature test. To check whether the light can work normally at the high temperature for a long period. Because when lighting, the lamp temperature is high. So need do long time test at high temperature keep the light safe.
5.Water proofness test. To check whether the product can work normally under a simulation that the auto light is damaged by water in harsh environment.
6.Aging test. To check the product quality when the power is on for a long period.
7. Light pattern test. To check whether the lighting shape is in the line with industry standard. Keep good light pattern.
8. Finished product test. To check whether the performance is excellent on the road.
Aimed at “Make Innovation and Connect the World” and backed by technology, we are going to be a world’s well-known enterprise. We light up the way to be Chinese “Great Power”. We will keep controlling the quality in high level. Supplier best quality,best product to all customers.

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