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Newest 80W 8000LM A6 headlight release


Newest A6 H4 H7 H11 9012 HB3 Coming with High power

3.March 2019,LAN XIN new led headlight released in ZHUHAI,GUANGDONG,CHINA.

BAOLIN LAN (General manager)—Mr Lan is launching today on ZHUHAI for the world’s first 80w A6 car led headlight bulb that works perfectly in all weather conditions and even emergency situations. A6 provides not only safe, but also fun night driving experience.


This product aims to become a leader in its market as its special features can solve the current inefficiencies. “Most LED headlight bulbs currently available have powerful lighting but quickly overheat, so they are not in good quality and not durable.

No matter the traditional halogen bulbs or those installed in high-end cars, they always have only one single color. A6 can emit yellow and white lighting in adaption to different weather conditions, this is a revolutionary innovation in car headlight bulbs industry!

White color helps you drive in sunny weather while seeing the road surface clearly. Neutral white color helps you drive over heavy snow, making driving become more comfortable. Yellow color has strong penetrating ability, helping you drive safely under extreme conditions of rain and fog. Warning flashing color is a sign when you are in emergency situations. All colors can be optional

A6 is super high power. Very small size car led headlight, H4 H7 H13 9004 9007 H1 HB3 H1 9012 ALL models are available. This design will be the trend and leading the market.

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