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NEW innovative design CREE XHP70 V70 led headlight


V70   newest led headlight design is innovative design. With CREE XHP70,CREE XHP50   led chip. 80W,8000LM.Operating temperature is 12V-24V. Warranty time is 2   years. With longer high quality copper belt. 360 degree adjust socket for   best light pattern and focus. XHP50 and XHP70 led mixed design for super   brightness and best for all car headlight. Perfect for projector lens and   reflector frame. This design material is aviation grade aluminum and red   copper belt, red copper PCB for best heat cooling.
Features   Of Auto V70 Led Headlight:
1. For   night driving safer
This LED   is the light that uses 3 PCS CREE chips brighter to ensure you driving safer   at night.
Professional   automotive LED lighting; See Farther, See Wider, See Better, Safer Night   Driving!
2. HEAT   Kills
All   bulbs are using Aluminum alloy with longer red copper belt better to protect   you bulbs and will work with most of vehicle UPC.
3.   Plug-N-Play
Can be   installed in10 mins right out of the box! Plug-and-Play direct replacement of   HID Xenon and traditional Halogen Lamp.
In   addition,*Some headlights are more difficult than others to access.
4.    Perfect Lighting distribution: Exactly same   lighting pattern as Halogen, perfect Lighting shape
5   Innovative Cooling system: thick copper   PCB+customized Heat Belt+copper PCB+Aviation aluminum
6.   Adjustable Light Focus: focus could be adjusted by   changing lighting indepth and direction
7.   Patent product: we've got patent for our product, no   other seller is able to copy ours
8. Water   proof: the seals on these lights are superb making   them waterproof and dust proof

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