Intelligent lighting that is highly adaptive and automatically controlled offers plenty of opportunities for OEMs. Starting with increased safety on the road, over creating a personalized and comfortable atmosphere, to creating an own light signature.

Stay on track with the newest lighting technology and lighting design trends.

Lighting technology and lighting design is one of the most exciting technologies int the vehicle. Not only conveying the brand of a carit also is one of the most important tools to guarantee safety and enhanced comfort. With the future trend of autonomous driving, lighting concepts, features and design become even more important, not only for exterior lighting but also for interior lighting as a complementary communication tool. This two day conference plus one workshop day showcases the latest developments of ambient lighting, advanced lighting design and technologies, both interior and exterior. We thoroughly explore lighting in the context of autonomous driving.   


This conference will tackle up-to-the-minute lighting technology and lighting design:

OLED for signal light and interior light – design possibilities, thermal challenge, and mechanical implementation

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) – intelligent lighting at its best, and which technology to use best

Automotive light and its value for branding and differentiation

How to create a comfort and personal riding situation for driver and passenger with interior lighting

Improving safety by supporting driver in his driving tasks – possibilities with interior and exterior lighting

Vehicle communicates with pedestrian – the goal, and how to get there at low cost

Keeping costs down with laser and matrix

Semiconductor based lighting technologies.


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