How to Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Home - red led motorcycle accent lights

by:Lanxin      2020-06-01
How to Create a Winter Wonderland in Your Home  -  red led motorcycle accent lights
Tired of the usual heavy green and red holiday decorations this year?
Pack the standard decorations and think about snow!
The Wintry theme is a brand new way of decorating that is not specific to holidays.
Imagine the snowy hillside. . . and blue!
Think about it from the palest blues to the deeper blues to the sparkling white and silver.
Use clear, cool blue instead of blue or purple.
Here are some tips to create a fresh winter wonderland for the holidays in your home. 1.
Collect new or vintage tree ornaments in silver, white and light blue.
I would suggest showing them on a white tablecloth or filling them on a large clear glass vase, bowl or glass tray.
Mix the shiny decorations with satin or glitter finish and mix the size! 2.
White and silver trees and branches create a feeling of wood.
Choose a white or silver faux holiday tree from 1950 s and 60 s, just like the old fashioned one.
Decorated in blue, white or silver shapes only.
Add the shiny silver beads, as well as the white and blue lights.
If you don't have space for a tree of traditional size, use a white or silver paint wreath or bare branch.
When the paint is still wet, sprinkle a silver flash on the branches, but only if you don't mind a little flash on the table.
Displayed on the floor or on the table or as a large and sturdy vase in the center.
Decorate with decorations and even led lights powered by batteries. 3.
Turn the furniture into a snow pile.
Change the fluffy white pillows, blankets and carpets.
Add a silver or white ribbon, wreath, bead or crystal ice post to the door frame, stair railing and chandelier.
Be careful, however, not to cause electrical hazards. . .
Don't add metal accessories to any electric light fixtures!
A tree skirt in white and silver. 4.
Remember to use paper to make snowflakes?
Well, it's fun!
Recruit kids, make many different sizes with white, blue and silver wrapping paper or felt, spread over white bedspread and tablecloth, or lay directly on the furniture.
No need to connect them permanently!
You can also attach these snowflakes to your window. 5.
Use plenty of white and blue solar lights both indoors and outdoors.
The new LED light uses very little energy and stays cool when touched.
The flashing little lights are really beautiful and I like to add a festive atmosphere to any family, big or small.
In order to see the dynamics on your indoor tree, just use some small curling edges and larger lights and use the C5 bulb at most.
Use larger C7 or C9 bulbs outdoors.
Just use one size along the eaves of your house, but you can mix the bushes with the size of the tree.
Remember, with a white blue light.
You may not see blue either, but it adds depth and beauty to others
White light scheme.
All the blue lights on the white tree look beautiful during the day.
But at night, especially outdoors, the blue light is hard to see and looks strange. 6.
Pack all the gifts in white, silver and blue and then stack them randomly like a snowpile.
Pack a few big empty boxes for decorative effects, but let your kids know so they won't be disappointed! 7.
If you don't have special holiday dishes, white, blue and silver are a great start to the holiday table.
Use your daily White dishes and cutlery to add more silver and blue to the tablecloth, napkins, candles and decorations. 8.
Finally, keep warm and inviting with the appetizing smell of candles and comforting herbs and spices.
Electric candles are safer and cleaner than traditional candles.
Add bright fire to the fireplace, add warm drinks such as cider, cocoa or hot wine to create a festive atmosphere.
This time of year, the festive cheer and spending time with loved ones coincide with any color scheme.
Be creative and don't be afraid to mix the traditional colors a little!
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